About Us

Ades & Gish Nurseries began in 1974 with the goal of producing a wide variety of high quality plants for a market of plant enthusiasts. Keeping this goal in mind, we offer over four hundred different varieties and sizes of plants at all times. We grow about 60% blooming and 40 % foliage. Our product lines includes staples like – Cyclamen, African Violets, Poinsettias, Kalanchoes, Hydrangeas, Gerberas, Zygocactus, Ferns, Ivies, Pothos, Dieffenbachias, and Draceanas, etc. Along with these staples we have unusual varieties like – Iresine, Plumeria, Florist Quality Azaleas, 30 different varieties of ferns, 12 different varieties of Lipsticks, Calla Lilies, Curcumas, Crossandras, Gynura, etc. With our diverse product line, picking a specialty is difficult, but if forced to choose it, it would be Hydrangeas in the spring, Poinsettias for Christmas, and the many varieties of ferns, ivies, Cyclamen, and African Violets throughout the year, in addition to a good solid color program. Since 1974 we have grown to having six locations in the Encinitas area with the total greenhouse square footage over 600,000. We have made the ‘Top 100 Growers’ in the Greenhouse Grower for the last 9 years. With the wide variety of items our availability can be overwhelming at first, but once familiar with it, it will be your most valuable tool. The list begins with small size blooming items and progresses up to larger blooming items. Following the color section, the foliage progresses the same (starts with small 2″ then proceeds to larger 14″+. All products are listed and priced by variety. You have the option of specifying varieties or asking for an assortment. We have daily trucks that deliver in So. California. If you are outside of So. California we can use a multitude of different shipping companies, as well as our own contracted trucks (which can service the Mountain and Central Time Zone States on a regular schedule). All orders outside So. California will require an additional box and freight charge on to the plant price. Due to our many locations, please extend us the courtesy of a 24 hour notice for all orders. Our professional Sales Staff consists of: Janet Terando: Northern Mountain and Central States, plus No. California Linda Mueller: Nevada, Southern Mountain and Central States, plus Oregon and Washington Karen O’Toole: So. California Jose Acosta: Customer Pickup Dan Cook: Corporate Accounts in So. California Charles Magana: San Diego County (Outside Sales Rep) Don Ferguson: Orange County (Outside Sales Rep) Tony Edles: West Los Angeles (Outside Sales Rep) Ed Miller: San Fernando Valley and Ventura County (Outside Sales Rep) Bob Phelps: San Gabriel Valley east to I-15 (Outside Sales Rep) Jay Hunt: Las Vegas, High Desert, and San Bernadino (Outside Sales Rep) Darrell Ades: Sales Manager We would like to extend an offer to call us or walk through our locations to find out more about us. We feel very confident you and your customers will enjoy our quality. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do future business with you. Sincerely The Staff at Ades & Gish Nursery